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Dateline: THURSDAY 12 OCTOBER 2017


When manager Freddie Cox left for Bournemouth in January 1966, Rod followed him the following month and went on to appear in their League side on 30 occasions. In 1968 Rod moved to play non-league football with Poole Town.

Back (left to right): Don Campbell, Jimmy White, Roy Moss, Bob Ridley, Peter Godfrey, John Ballagher, Terry Stacey. Middle: RODNEY TAYLOR, Roger Challis, Geoff Hudson, Mike Burgess, John Simpson, Dennis Hunt, Dave Huddart, Brian Yeo, Bobby Smith. Front row: Nobby Newman, John Arnott, Brian Gibbs, George Francis, Peter Stringfellow, Alec Farrall, Gordon Pulley.

Gillingham F.C - 1963/4 Fourth Division Champions