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Dateline: WEDNESDAY 9 AUGUST 2017


Meanwhile Reading boss Jaap Stam said after the match, "It's always good to do well in the Cup and if you can eventually win the Cup then it's very nice. You can also use these games to give other players from the squad - like the young players from the Academy - an opportunity to play at a certain level which important.”

Stam continued, "They performed very well; they were aggressive, focused, concentrated, were good on the ball and eventually wore the opposition out which gave us opportunities to score.”

Pennock commented, “Kelly then scored a worldie to be fair to break the deadlock but we’ve come here and had a good go. We were playing against a very good team and we gave a couple of debuts to the young lads which I was really pleased with.”

Finally Pennock said, “I’m disappointed because we lost but I thought we had a good go. You’ve got to give Reading credit and I want to wish them all the best in the next round. We look forward to Saturday and Bradford City now."

Reflecting on his tactics Stam said, "I think the first half was good - Gillingham were dropping deep and defending and waiting to come out on the break. If you want to win the game, you need to wear the opposition down and then spaces will open up and you can have a couple of shots at goal.”

Stam said, "Liam Kelly got in two positions where he could control the ball high up the pitch. Liam has got a great technique in everything in his passing and finishing. Liam has the technique where he can put the ball into the top corner. He came from the academy last season and made enormous progress as a young player.”