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Dateline: TUESDAY 12 SEPTEMBER 2017


In another startling statistic Wimbledon miss-firing attack has suffered ten blanks in their last twelve matches and so are ultimately they are architects of their own downfall although the have been boosted by the inclusion of striker Cody McDonald. 

The former Gills hit-man has not found the back of the net in a league game yet and with the arrival of struggling Gills could be the incentive he needs. Another former Gills player in the starting line-up for Wimbledon will be winger Andy Barcham and the combination of the two, after such a goalless run, could be Gills undoing.

A victory for Wimbledon would almost certainly put extra pressure on Gills Chairman Paul Scally to remove Pennock from the top job before the money-spinning visit of near neighbours Charlton Athletic. His options could be either appoint another senior man from within the Club to select the side and dictate tactics or bring in an experienced manager from outside the Club.

Conversely a defeat for Wimbledon and Ardley’s his own position will inevitably come under intense scrutiny and another League One manager could find himself out of a job.