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Dateline: SUNDAY 15 APRIL 2018


Boss Steve Lovell commented, “Scrappy is the word; I don’t know how many crosses we had in the box but we’re not finishing off the chances. For the majority of the game, especially in the second half, we made chance after chance and I thought we deserved to get something out of the game without playing very well at all.”

Lovell added, “You come to places like Oldham who are fighting for their lives and you know what kind of game you’re going to have. It wasn’t a pretty game but we dug in, we kept going and we deserved to get something out of it.”

“We created enough and it’s another point but disappointed not to have three. It’s a positive, I don’t take a negative out of today at all. I would have been disappointed not to get anything today.”

Many in the ground thought that a foul had been committed on Max Ehmer leading to the penalty but Lovell said that it was Tom Eaves who was given the spot-kick for an off-the-ball incident. “I think Tom said Oldham’s Wilfried Moimbé just pulled his hair so it’s a good job he wasn’t bald! Sometimes you get them and sometimes you don’t.”

With fifteen goals to his credit before the penalty Lovell said Eaves was confident, “He was confident to stick away the penalty, he works hard and he deserved that. That will give him a lift. He could have had 30 goals this year; we will work on him over the summer and he can go one better next year.”

Reflecting on the recent Gills goal drought Lovell added, “We’ve found it hard to score goals in the last three or four games but defensively we’re very sound again. I thought we were quite comfortable in the second half."

Meanwhile Oldham boss Richie Wellens was not a happy man saying, “It’s a joke of a decision Wilfried Moimbé was fouled first, he then swung around and threw a punch – so, it’s a foul and he has reacted by throwing a punch but it was a foul first on Wilfried - so fair enough to send him off - but to give a penalty - it’s a joke.

Wellens continued, “The referee said he would talk to me in 30 minutes but you can’t get back the two points and it was a bad decision and I thought we didn’t deserve it as most of the second half we were pretty comfortable but maybe should have got a second to kill it off. It’s a shocking decision that’s cost us.”

Clearly upset Wellens added, “With a penalty so late on and down to ten men! With a penalty and eleven men plus seven minutes time added on we could have gone on to win the game. To lose a man as well, it just kills you, but no doubt the FA will send me an email saying that the linesman got it correct. But it was clearly a foul first and then Wilfried spun him around - then throw a punch.

Reflecting on Oldham’s performance Wellens commented, “Thought first half we were very sloppy but we still created five or six very good chances then we got in the lead and I thought the second half we were very comfortable. Our goalkeeper only had to make one good save but we still had opportunities to score the second”.

Still upset buy the penalty incident Wellens continued, “It’s a big blow when you are in the 90th minute with all three points and you think your going to win then suddenly you get a player sent off who is going to miss three games and you get a penalty as well – it’s a sickening blow to be honest.”

Finally Wellens added, “I’m disappointed that some players after the penalty and with seven minutes to play were walking around showing their disappointment. They should have been focused on not losing the point we had and possibly trying to score the winner in the minutes we had left. We have a big game on Tuesday but there’s no doubt we should have had three points today. It will be interesting to hear what the referee and linesman say when I see them later.”